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Compliance and preventive counselling of companies

Today’s corporate practice is characterized by increasingly complex business transactions which must comply with complex national and international regulations. The high degree of regulations in different industrial sectors requires careful preparation of individual business transactions. For consistent and permanent compliance with internal and external regulations both the establishment and the monitoring of an effective in-house organization and control system is required.

In the area of preventive counselling and compliance, we identify sectoral and company-specific risks, assess process weaknesses and develop appropriate measures for improvement. Primarily, we rely on the expertise that we have gained in specific areas of law and industries in many years of consulting work.

We represent and support companies in in-house investigations to solve complex issues and to avoid claims against D & Os. Furthermore, we secure the management by accompanying and legally documenting complex decision-making processes.

Discretion and loyalty as well as entrepreneurial pragmatism and appropriate consideration of current market practices and company-specific circumstances form the basis for the concept, assessment and further development of organizational solutions. We maintain a close partnership-based approach with our clients. Compliance advice is not a “new development” for our firm, but has been an integral and multidisciplinary part in our wide-ranging management consultancy portfolio.

We support you with the practical implementation and further development of an effective Compliance Management System. It is important for us to not impose a standard system on your company. First, we want and need to analyze the structure of your company, its culture and the individual risks in order to develop the most effective mechanisms for your business and to assist you in their implementation.

We review whether existing company guidelines and current working practices comply with the relevant requirements and which measures may have to be taken. The independence and objectivity of our review is of utmost importance to us. We point out unpleasant truths and to change entrenched structures. This is the only way to effectively minimize the legal risks within your company.

We offer to you a realistic analysis and practical evaluation by Compliance Audits carried out or accompanied by us. In those areas where deficiencies and failures are detected within your company, we develop effective countermeasures and assist you in their implementation in close consultation with you.

The so-called "whistleblowing" ranges between useful and deliberate transparency and detection of mismanagement and irregularities on the one hand and protection of legitimate expectations and trade secrets on the other hand. In this very sensitive area, we support you in the assessment and integration of measures which are appropriate for your company and advise you on the laws and principles to be observed in this context.

Today, the establishment and effectiveness of Compliance Management Systems is scrutinized and evaluated comprehensively in the context of the preparation of corporate transactions. In this regard, we also guide you through the due diligence process and assist you in the preparation of such information in line with actual requirements to reflect the value of your business properly and to avoid liability risks.

We train your employees and managers at all levels in order to provide and strengthen the necessary special and legal expertise, in particular the sensitivity which is necessary in connection with compliance issues in your company. Of course, both experience and suggestions of the employees are taken into account when developing corporate policies and, if necessary, the company's corporate practice needs to be readjusted.

In the course of in-house investigations, we take care of the diligent analysis of the facts and control the process. From the findings obtained in this way we derive our recommendations for you, whereby not only the relevant regulations and requirements, but also the appropriateness and practicality of measures are taken into consideration.

We advise you on the appropriate preparation and legally compliant documentation of decisions that are important for your company due to their dimension or complexity and, accordingly, on which attention may be focused regarding the risks of liability of board members.

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